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Yogesh Bhatt
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I'm Yogesh and I'm a
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What i know?

Web Design

I'm capable of designing and developing very good static websites. They are very suitable for portfolio and information sites. I'm developing my skills towards dynamic webistes too. I can take care of your any website problem that means from developing to making your website running on internet.





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Active Projects !

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The source code is written in Python and uses Flask as the web framework. It also uses SQLAlchemy as the database toolkit, SQLlite as database and Jinja2 as the template engine.

TODO restapi backend
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TODO restapi Backend program is written in python.

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A simple python program powered by Pandas to scrap data from the web. This program fetches data and stores information into a JSON file.

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

I'm a student and im still learning alot of things. I have handfull experience of HTML & CSS, C# and MySQL. Untill this day i have worked in bunch of project and developed static websites and desktop application.

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Docker 80%
Kubernates 40%
Python 40%
C# 60%

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Yogesh Bhatt
Lahti 15200, Finland
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